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Work with the energy of the most extraordinary and mysterious continent, Africa, the cradle of humankind

Our retreats includes intensive work with the physical, mental as well as all energetic bodies using techniques of the ancient masters from all over the world: Yoga, Mantra, Meditation, Sacred plants from the Amazon Rainforest, the South American Highlands and from the Heart of Africa as well as Raw Food and juicing workshops.

About Our Retreats

Our retreats are run and curated by some of the most knowledgeable and respected teachers and shamans

Our retreats consists of two elements. One is the sacred plant medicine that works on a psychic level and the other is a cognitive framework for personal transformation and breakthrough.

We place a massive emphasis on integration. Said differently, we believe that it is crucial to integrate new ways of approaching our routines to match the new perspective that comes with the medicine work. As such, our weekends are structured in a very unique way.

The retreat will be run by Fabian’s senior apprentice of many years who works exclusively with Fabian’s special medicine and a world class life coach and mentor will run the coaching and integration program.

Please don’t mistake the word “apprentice” as meaning rookie or newbie. Christine is a powerful shaman that works in the Native American tradition and has studied with Fabian for 6 years now. She holds medicine ceremonies all over Europe as well as in North and South America sometimes as often as every week for 6-8 months.

Our retreat is also hosted by an international speaker and executive coach that has not only created his own niche of coaching called Breakthrough Coaching where he helps people breakthrough patterns and cycles in the areas of money, relationships and health but has also developed a framework for plant work integration that is being extremely well received in South Africa and in America. He is able to “fit” 6-8 weeks of breakthrough coaching into a 3 day weekend because of the altered states.

While the medicines work on a psychic and vibrational level, coaching talks will show you how to ingrate a new way of being into your communication, your responses / reactions and our daily lives.

Many people who have attended our retreats have raved about not only is the medicine incredible and very unique but the coaching is worth more than thousands of Rands of psychotherapy. One participant described the weekend retreat as more of a 3 day transformation workshop that incorporates altered states than just a medicine weekend.

We put a very strong emphasis on integration. It is crucial that the insights and learnings from the weekend get integrated into our thinking and our behaviour.

Our Core Program

Our core program is similar for most retreats and centers around the following.

A retreat typically consists of:

  • Four sacred plant ceremonies (2 mother/night) ceremonies and 2 father/day) ceremonies),
  • Integration talks on Thursday, Friday and Saturday
  • 1-on-1 coaching talks upon request
  • Accommodation in a beautiful and serene venue
  • Food and refreshments
  • Integration workshop (Sunday till 12)

In the integration workshop, abundance is explained in the areas of finance, relationships and health as well as techniques to reprogram your unconscious mind and dissolve anxiety.

Working together with the 2 plants as essential to the healing of the weekend. The 2 plants are opposite in gender and working with the 2 together is ideal.

We will arrive on Thursday night and settle in with a shared meal and the first coaching talk. We will work with the Father spirit (plant) at 8am on the Friday morning. If you can only make it for Friday morning or afternoon that is ok. The Father plant will not be offered on Sunday morning to those who may have missed it on Friday.

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